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Glamour Surface was founded in 2012

Glamour Surface was founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded car fan boys lead by Vince and Griffen. Our love for cars means that we respect the art and science behind the creation of every automobile. That respect translates into the meticulous dedication we will put in your car to make it look brand new again. So come on over and let’s talk cars.

Our mission

We’re somewhat obsessed with time travel. It is our goal to turn back time and return your ride’s body work into how it was when you first got it. We’re also big on customization – our plasti dip service lets you change the colour or your car to whatever suits your mood.

Our vision

Peace of mind is our mantra. With our state-of-the-art coating regime, car care is now on auto pilot and you can rest easy knowing your ride will always be in immaculate condition.

Services We Provide

Expert Detailer

Our team have years of experience in quality detailing and plasti dip service, lead by our go to man Vince who has been doing this for 16 loving years. Oh and because we’re loving car owners too.

Best Value

We don’t cut corners because we love your car as much as you do. The materials we use for coating, plasti dip or detailing are the very same thing we use on our own cars.

Best Credibility

Our customers include car dealers, showrooms and mechanics who trust us because they know we not only love cars, we respect them.

Time for perfection

We’re not perfect. We’re much slower compared to other detailers but that’s because we’re meticulous to the bone and we work on every inch of your car with care.

Glamour Surface

We use GLAMOUR SURFACE signature glass coat, a unique chemical barrier that helps maintain car paint at tip top condition for years with minimum effort

Benefit Glamour Surface

  • Crystal clear glass for enhancing all-round visibility and safety
  • Hydrophobic barrier that causes rain to dissipate from the screen
  • Cleaner glass for longer, "Showroom" look with a simple wash-down
  • Immediate and obvious increase in pride of ownership and resale value
  • Pore of glass are sealed preventing dirt from degrading the glass
  • Applied by manufactures of new vehicles - and by dealers the world over

Our Working Process

Request Quote

Understand your needs before we pair up matching services.

Bring Your Vehicle

Bring your ride in and we’ll then get to know your car’s needs.

Get It Detailed

Leave your car and we’ll handle it with utmost tender loving care.

Services We Provide