Why Protect Your Original Paintwork?

Do you know, polishing your car regularly will damage and shorten the lifespan of your paintwork? Imagine how frustrated you will be when after putting all the effort to maintain the beauty of your car, waxing month to month and polishing with sweat, the coat of paint still ends up looking dull? This frustration will leave you with no choice but to repaint your car or worse, you’ll have thoughts of selling it.

Have you ever experienced driving the same car that you love so much for years, but then your love and passion towards it begins to fade dramatically, even though the performance is still in tip top condition? Most people start to think of getting a new ride due to boredom. Once you get bored of looking at your car, and once the emotional rush that you normally get is no longer there, the thought of getting a new car is planted in your mind. If you have friends who have been driving the same car for years, you would know what I mean.

Why would we feel that way?

As human beings, our most effective sense is via our eyes. A classic example is men. Men will always choose to look at an 18 year old girl over an 80 year old woman. Oh, you can be honest. There are no wives stalking this article. Now, would you like to prolong the passionate love you feel towards your ride? Would you not want to feel that rush that brings a smile to your face even years after owning it as if you just got the keys today?

Let’s be honest. You wouldn’t have read up to this point if you are happy with your ordinary car maintenance routine.

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