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Crystal Glass Body Coating

Why do we need protection / coating on the car painted surface? Base color and clear coat are not strong enough against the ultra violet rays, acid rains, scratches or stains. The surface will be easily faded if the wax will not be applied for a long time, it will end up to rust the metal.

Our glass coating layer will protect the clear coat and base color form ultra violet rays and acid rains, then prevent from fading and degradation. It will enable to keep the painted surface look as glossy as a new car even 5 years later.

Beside, the stains would be hardly get stuck to the surface because the surface is hydrophobic. Even if the stains attach to the surface, they are super easy to remove just by rinse off.

Service Overview

GLAMOUR SURFACE car glass protection is a unique chemical barrier that keep glass cleaner and cleaner, enhancing all round visibility and safety, by making glass surfaces hydrophobic, eg. Water repellent.

As part of the total protection package GLAMOUR SURFACE also protects and preserves the glass throughout your vehicle, there are many reasons to protect your cars glass. With GLAMOUR SURFACE Glass Protection Coating you can benefit from a car glass protection that exhibits the following :

  • Crystal clear glass for enhancing all-round visibility and safety
  • A hydrophobic barrier that causes rain to dissipate form the screen using only the motion of the car
  • Cleaner glass for longer, "Showroom" look with a simple wash-down
  • Immediate and obvious increase in pride of ownership and resale value
  • The pore of glass are sealed preventing dirt and salt crystals from degrading the glass
  • Applied by manufactures of new vehicles - and by dealers the world over

Our Signature Glass Coating

Below are example of our signature glass coating apply on car body and the process of it. Highest level of shinness achieved as end result and color look even sharper


Premium Glass Coating

Durability: 5 years


Glass Coating

Durability: 3 years


VOC Free Glass Coating

Durability: 2 years



Durability: 3 - 4 months